Indie Coffee Shop Thrives in the Shadow of the Dunkin’ Empire

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Coffee Break Cafe has managed to thrive in the birthplace of global coffee goliath Dunkin’ Donuts. Photo: Coffee Break Cafe

“Sorry, you’re on the no-fly list. You can’t board the plane.” – Pierre Elliott Trudeau

“Sorry, you’re on the no-fly list. You can’t board the plane.” – Pierre Elliott Trudeau
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What Everyone Should Know About Managing Up


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Having a healthy, positive relationship with your boss makes your work life much easier — it’s also good for your job satisfaction and your career. But some managers don’t make it easy. Bad bosses are the stuff of legend. And too many managers are overextended, overwhelmed, or downright incompetent — a topic that HBR has covered extensively over the years. Even if your boss has some serious shortcomings, it’s in your best interest, and it’s your responsibility, to make the relationship work.

What Can Weight Watchers Teach You About Business?

scale weight As early back as I can remember, my grandmother belonged to Weight Watchers. I can vividly remember her making her famous rhubarb pie. My sister and I never tried it but looking back we probably missed out on a tasty treat.

My grandmother loved Weight Watchers so much that she would travel by bus about an hour to go to their meetings. Once she reached her weight loss goal she started working for them.

Weight Watchers helps you reach your weight loss goals but how does this relate to your business?

Proposed Changes to 529 Plans Would Dampen Their Appeal

State of the Union address 2015

In his State of the Union address Tuesday, President Obama proposed changes to 529 college plans that may force the 7 million families using them to rethink their college financial game plan.

Currently, you can make contributions to a 529 plan, invest those funds, and eventually withdraw the earnings tax-free as long as the money is used for education expenses such as tuition, room and board, or books. That makes it one of the more appealing ways to save for your child’s education. Plus, some states offer income-tax deductions on contributions.

On Leadership, Growth and Professional Development

When it comes to employee development, who should take responsibility? Should it be the employee, the boss, human resources, the leadership team, or a combination of either some or all […]

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Press release bingo helps PR pros cut down on overused words

If you read press releases as part of your job, then you know they can get very repetitive.

A SHIFT Communications study of nearly 78,000 press releases revealed the 50 most commonly used words, and instead of another article lamenting the use of jargon, the firm released a game called “Bad Press Release Bingo” for PR pros to play alone or in the office.

“Business” topped the list with more than 10,000 press release mentions; “market,” “new,” “research,” “global,” “press,” “information” and “news” each garnered more than 3,000 mentions, and words such as “industry,” “growth,” “forward,” “solutions,” “performance,” “standard,” “sales,” “value” and “data” had more than 1,000 mentions each.