MBA Class of 2015—It’s Time to Rededicate to Learning

(This post originally appeared at the Management Excellence Blog by Art Petty.) Every year I offer my heartfelt encouragement to the many newly minted MBA students leaving their classrooms and cohorts behind at graduation. In prior years, my “Congratulations! Now What?” post was intended to offer some transition guidance for leveraging the degree. For this year, I’m emphasizing the need for new graduates to retain their hunger for learning and shift their efforts to regular and far-reaching exploration of the ideas changing our world.


The Individual Development Plan and Discussion: The Manager’s Viewpoint

Most managers have good intentions when it comes to developing our employees, but good intentions often fall by the wayside.

Infographic: Gamification increases employee engagement by 48 percent

Gamification isn’t just turning corporate policies or information into a game. It’s “the application of game-design principles in non-game scenarios to solve a problem or to engage an audience,” an infographic from Nudge Rewards explains.

In a time when only 13 percent of employees are engaged at work, finding new ways to ensure employees are invested in their organizations’ success is critical.

According to the infographic, gamification is a proven way to reengage employees. Organizations that use gamification can increase employee engagement by 48 percent.

Former financial regulator Patrick Neary to appear before Banking Inquiry

Former chief executive officer of the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority Patrick Neary will appear before the Oireachtas Banking Inquiry as part of its nexus phase public hearings tomorrow, 28 May 2015.
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When Stephen Fry Met Jony Ive: The Self-Confessed Fanboi Meets Apple’s Newly Promoted Chief Design Officer

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