Frugality, Financial Independence, and the Bigger World

Bill Gates

When self-motivated people achieve financial independence, it’s not like they go idle and stop contributing to the economy. Most – like Bill Gates, right – simply channel their time and energy into something they believe in. Photo: Steve Jurvetson

How Patagonia proves the power of story

The situation below is completely true and yet completely fiction:

You’re on one side of a quickly Windexed boardroom table. You had accepted the offer for coffee when you arrived, and it is half-full now, cold, sitting in front of you. Across from you are three to five people. These people are your potential clients. They fit the archetypes you know from being in boardroom situations. There is the boss who makes the final decision, the executive who read some marketing articles that morning in Fast Company, the naysayer who will not like any ideas (including his own) and the overworked person who will be tasked with implementing everything you are pitching.

They stare at you cow-eyed while you run through your vision. They look at your proposal numbers. The executive smiles slightly.

“So where does this all start?” says the boss.

Patrick Joy appointed non-executive director of TPI Group

Former EY Entrepreneur of the Year and founder of Suretank Patrick Joy has been appointed as a non-executive director of communications company TPI Group.
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The Benefits of Putting Yourself Where the Action Is

Front-Line Leader

The Front-Line Leader by Chris Van Gorder is about leading with not over employees. To be effective as a leader you have to connect with people. You must get to know them—really know them.

Van Gorder has carried with him lessons he learned as a security guard and a police officer to lead Scripps Health from near bankruptcy to a dominate market position. He explains several behaviors that will help to connect with people and lead from among them. For instance he recommends that you:

Insurance: What exactly constitutes an “Act of God”?

Learn what insurance companies mean by an “Act of God,” and how to make sure you are covered

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