4 Ways to be Productive at Work – Always

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Life at work is hectic. There is so much happening there—new projects, client meetings, internal discussions, etc. It’s good to be busy. It’s also essential for you to be productive at all times. However, there are times when you do encounter some sort of a ‘block’ at work. Even though everyone encounters such a block, this kind of break from work at work can lead to delay in completing tasks and put you on the wrong page with your co-workers or manager.

So how can you ensure being…


Some Thoughts on the ‘American Dream’

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Are you working toward your own version of prosperity and the American Dream… or Hollywood’s? Photo: Prayitno


Five Levels of Communication

One of the most useful and flexible models of human interaction that I’ve encountered is Richard Francisco’s Five Levels of Communication (which comprises Chapter 2.6 of the Reading Book for Human Relations Training, 8th edition.) Francisco, a Lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a psychologist at San José State University, essentially asks “In what ways do we communicate?” and then answers that question by mapping out a series of “levels” that represent increasing degrees of difficulty, risk, and potential learning in our interactions.

Level 1: Ritual


Eleven Strategies for Minimizing and Avoiding Shopping

I have found that, time and time again, the act of going shopping causes almost all of the money leaks in my life. It seems like it’s common sense, but it’s true – whenever I go to a store or visit an online store, I tend to spend money, and it’s often money spent on things that really aren’t the smartest things to buy.

It happens in the grocery store. I have to go there, but whenever I do, I usually end up making an impulse buy or two, adding something to my cart that isn’t on my list.

It happens at hobby stores. If I happen to see a store related to a hobby of mine, I’m very tempted to stop in that store, and when I do, I’m often tempted to spend money that I shouldn’t on something I didn’t even consider owning just half an hour earlier.


Heroes in our Midst

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Romain Redland - GeneralLeadership.com“A hero is a man who does what he can.”
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Picture the scene: In a remote part of Afghanistan, near the mountainous border with Pakistan, helicopters carrying dozens of elite Army Rangers race over the rugged landscape. Their target on this high risk mission is an insurgent compound. It’s broad daylight and the Rangers know the insurgents are heavily armed. But it’s considered a risk worth taking as reliable intelligence sources indicate a top al Qaeda commander is in that compound.

Within a matter of minutes, the helicopters touch down and the Rangers immediately come under fire. One of the American soldiers who emerged from the helicopter that day was Staff Sergeant Leroy Petry.… Read the rest