Questions about Leftovers, Hobby Hype, Dollar Stores, Convenience, and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question.
1. Planning for disabled child’s future
2. Investing while in debt
3. Ethics of possibly stolen items
4. Overseas money transfer
5. Dollar store purchases
6. How young can investing start?
7. Used car valuation
8. Buying local
9. Convenience and frugality
10. Wireless rechargeable speakers
11. Medical uncertainty
12. Rental disaster
13. Remembering leftovers
14. Older personal finance books
15. Hobby hype

I’ve mentioned before that I play both fantasy baseball and fantasy football with various groups of friends. That makes September a particularly interesting month as the fantasy football leagues are having their drafts and starting up while the fantasy baseball leagues are on the home stretch.

I spend late August and early September looking at far too many Excel spreadsheets full of statistics, trying to figure out which players to pick and which trades to pursue.

10 Stupid Games that Managers Play

This post was recently published at Smartblog on Leadership:

Most managers are rationale, logical, practical problem solvers when they first get promoted. Then, through organizational conditioning, they learn to play silly games. They are like the frog in a pan of boiling water. The change is so gradual, these silly games eventually begin to feel like “real world management.”

How many of these silly management games do you play? More importantly, do you have the courage to speak up and stop the insanity?

6 Tips to Build a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular method to access financial capital. Rewards-based crowdfunding is appealing as a way to raise funds without giving up equity or increasing your debt. But there are other benefits too.

Using your social network to gain support for your business goals and engaging your customers in the success of your enterprise can have a long-term impact on customer loyalty. However, launching a crowdfunding campaign requires planning and research before you begin.

Here are six tips to help you ensure your project is a success.

1. Be social.

Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself for not being the richest, the thinnest, the tallest, the one with the best hair. Forgive yourself for not being the most successful, the cutest or the one with the fastest time. Forgive yourself for not winning every round.

Forgive yourself for being afraid.

But don’t let yourself off the hook, never forgive yourself, for not caring or not trying.

Leading a Healthy Life After Retirement

So you’ve finally made it to the promise land of retirement, woo hoo! You’re probably ready to relax the days away with an ice cold drink by the blue pool that even the deepest blue eyes would be jealous of. But let’s just slow down a little bit, you still need your health to enjoy … … Continue reading
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Don’t Start Your Presentation Like This

Earlier this summer, I attended a rather formal event with several speakers slated. As the program began, there was a slight pause, followed by the first speaker suddenly running up on stage.

Presentation Apology

He apologized profusely for being out of sorts and made some mention of trouble with his microphone. He explained that he was normally much more prepared, much more organized, and always timely.

The apology and stumbling took half a minute before he got underway with the program. It was a bit uncomfortable to watch and an odd start to a formal event.

Why good leaders show their gratitude

Gratitude is the foundation of servant leadership, writes Dan Veitkus.  -More

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