July 5th

It’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept.

Quotes of the Day


What are they for?

Absolutely nothing.

Well, that’s not true. The fact that they aren’t directly related to what you’re trying to deliver is precisely why they exist. The ‘nothingness’ of their value is why they are valuable. An embellishment, a garnish, a filligree… it exists because it means you took a little extra time, you cared enough to add some beauty or rhythm to the thing you brought me.

As soon as we can afford it, as soon as we care, we pay extra for beauty.

Half of Americans Can’t Handle a Small Emergency. Here’s What to Do If You’re in That Group.

I was stunned earlier this week to read in the Report of Economic Well Being of US Households in 2014 that 47% of Americans would experience significant financial distress – taking out debt or selling something – in order to be able to handle a $ 400 emergency.

The survey that the report was based on, taken in October 2014, asked 50,000 Americans what they would do in the face of an unexpected “financial disruption” that would cost $ 400. Think of an airline ticket, for example, or a moderate car repair.

Let’s just quote the report for the results:

3 Leadership Traits Your Employees Need to Exhibit When You Aren’t Around

No matter what industry you work in, your team is the face of your brand. And their leadership when you are not around is the clearest byproduct of your own. It’s […]

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4 Great Combinations

Peanut butter

You’ve spread peanut butter on one slice of bread and it’s decision time. What goes on the other slice?

Jelly? Definitely. Bananas? Maybe. Pepperoni? Sometimes.

Peanut butter alone? Never.