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Five Levels of Communication

One of the most useful and flexible models of human interaction that I’ve encountered is Richard Francisco’s Five Levels of Communication (which comprises Chapter 2.6 of the Reading Book for Human Relations Training, 8th edition.) Francisco, a Lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a psychologist at San José State University, essentially asks “In what ways do we communicate?” and then answers that question by mapping out a series of “levels” that represent increasing degrees of difficulty, risk, and potential learning in our interactions.

Level 1: Ritual


It’s Complicated


I used to see most decisions as right/wrong, black/white, or yes/no. After feedback from a few customer complaints early in my career, it became apparent that working with people is as much an art as it is a science.

In most things worth pursuing, complexity abounds. This week, perspective on navigating the complexity of people.

Lady in Blue


How to Get Things Done

Getting Things Done

David Allen joined me on Monday’s show to discuss the just-released revision to his blockbuster bestseller, Getting Things Done*. After speaking to someone as talented as David, it’s only natural to spend time thinking about productivity.

This week’s leadership guide examines additional perspectives on productivity.

Limit Email


Get People to Read Your Stuff

Read Your Stuff

The ability to get people to read what you write online is essential. Most organizations rely heavily on email for both internal and external communication.

In addition, many professionals rely on their audience to read their online proposals, webinar slide decks, or websites. In this guide, how to get people to read your stuff more consistently.


How Introverts Make Great Leaders

I’m taking a two week summer break from the standard leadership guide format. Instead, please find below a full copy below of this week’s show notes with my guest Beth Buelow. You’ll enjoy many of the resources we mentioned.

The standard leadership guide resumes on Wednesday, July 29th. In the meantime, keep your questions coming for the next Q&A show in August!

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