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Get People to Read Your Stuff

Read Your Stuff

The ability to get people to read what you write online is essential. Most organizations rely heavily on email for both internal and external communication.

In addition, many professionals rely on their audience to read their online proposals, webinar slide decks, or websites. In this guide, how to get people to read your stuff more consistently.


How Introverts Make Great Leaders

I’m taking a two week summer break from the standard leadership guide format. Instead, please find below a full copy below of this week’s show notes with my guest Beth Buelow. You’ll enjoy many of the resources we mentioned.

The standard leadership guide resumes on Wednesday, July 29th. In the meantime, keep your questions coming for the next Q&A show in August!

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Results With People

Results With People

I was a bit stunned the first time a prospective client did this.

We were being considered for a training project, but the company didn’t share any goals. They said pretty much any topic would do, as long as it got scheduled this quarter.


5 Tips to Coach Better

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I changed the name of this podcast in 2012.

It was called “Coaching Skills for Leaders” for the first six months. For a lot of reasons (including getting a web domain name that matched) I shortened the title.

But my intent to help leaders become better coaches has not wavered. In today’s guide, resources that will help you coach better.


6 Quotes to Help You Lead


Sometimes a sentence or two says more than an entire book. This week, here are six quotes to help you lead and why they’re relevant:

Ralph Waldo Emerson