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Better Results From One Idea

One idea

When I first read The Fifth Discipline* by Peter Senge, I began to appreciate the real power of one idea, if applied in the right place. A new approach at a key leverage point can provide a substantial shift.

In this issue, an examination of how one new idea can produce better results.

Pizza or Entertainment Solutions?

Did You Miss These 5 Great Books?

Five Great Books

If you’re reading this, you already know that I offer subscribers to this guide a list of the ten leadership books that will help you get better results from others. I’ve kept this list unchanged and still recommend all the books highly.

I also find that I often recommend books that are less well known. This week, here’s five leadership books you may have missed that could be just as valuable to you (or more) than my top ten. For various reasons, none of the below are currently as popular, but I’ve read them all and they have a lot to say to leaders.

Leadership and Self-Deception

Growth, Profitability and Return on Attention

Question Marks Stars
Dogs Cash Cows

When considering different tasks, projects and opportunities, how should we decide where to focus our time and energy? If our attention is our most precious resource, how can we determine where to invest it and what returns we should expect?

A recent conversation with colleagues about where to focus our efforts over the coming year reminded me of the growth-share matrix, more commonly known as the “BCG matrix” (because it was developed by Bruce Henderson of the Boston Consulting Group) or the “cash cow matrix” (a term that Henderson may have coined and certainly popularized.)

Share Like Gershwin


It turns out that beginning as early as age four, we start losing our carefree inner child and begin the process of becoming skeptical and fearful of the world around us.

Perhaps this is why we become more cautious about sharing, a skill virtually all of us learned as children. Today, the case for why sharing in a leadership context sets you apart from so many others.

88 Ways to Create Value

Changing Perspective is Maddening (and Worth It)

Monday’s Show

Being a professional is doing the things you love to do, on the days you don’t feel like doing them.

175: How to Know When to Move On

I sent out a note to a number of people in the Coaching for Leaders community last week and asked a single question: “What are you struggling with?” to discover how to best serve you this year. A couple of people wrote back with comments and questions that centered around this theme: how do I know when to move on from a position?