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How To Be Efficient With Organizational Change

When I was a kid, I was never satisfied with the performance of my Fisher-Price walkie-talkies. In my early teens, I finally made the case to my parents that I needed something more powerful.

AA batteries

I saved up and purchased two Radio Shack TRC–219 citizens band walkie-talkies. Five full watts of transmitting power meant I could theoretically reach people on the other side of town.

It also resulted in my constant search for 10 AA batteries (yes, 10) that each radio needed to run. I was constantly digging around for batteries in the junk drawer in my parents’ house.

Startup Communication

On Friday I facilitated a workshop on Startup Communication aimed at helping an early-stage company’s employees work together more effectively.

I feel privileged to work with all my clients, but in this case it’s fair to say that it was particularly rewarding to work with a company whose mission I hold in such high regard.

148: The Four Stories Leaders Need For Influence [PODCAST]

Leaders often hear about influence through storytelling, but don’t know where to start. Here are four stories to tell and how to get started.

David Hutchens

Guest: David Hutchens
Author of the Upcoming Book: Circle of the 9 Muses: A Storytelling Field Guide for Innovators

Storytelling is utilized for influence

146: Three Things To Stop Doing In Leadership [PODCAST]

Perspective from Steve Richardson, author of Become a Better Leader in 30 Days (affiliate), on what to stop doing in leadership.

Steve Richardson

Guest: Steve Richardson
Author, Become A Better Leader in 30 Days

144: How We Do Things Around Here To Get Results [PODCAST]

When someone says to you, “Well, that’s just how we do things around here” you can be sure that you’ve just stumbled into organizational culture in a big way. Today, how to recognize it, why it matters, and what it means for actual results.

Kent Rhodes

Guest: Dr. Kent Rhodes
Practitioner Faculty, Pepperdine University
Consultant, The Family Business Consulting Group

142: What To Do After Workplace Loss [PODCAST]

We’ve talked a lot on this show about what to do in challenging situations. Today, what to do when the worst happens.

Andrew Stenhouse

Guest: Andrew Stenhouse, Ed.D.
Dean, School for Graduate and Professional Studies
Vanguard University of Southern California

Loss is pervasive and we don’t often recognize how much we’re dealing with loss at the time.

New Post at HBR: The Art of Saying a Professional Goodbye


My latest post at HBR: The Art of Saying a Professional Goodbye

Saying “goodbye” is one of those activities that seems so simple it hardly requires advance thought–and so endings creep up on us and catch us unprepared. We tend to default to our habitual responses whether or not they’ve been effective in the past. As a result we often miss opportunities to enjoy truly meaningful endings–instead they’re rushed and poorly planned–or we skip over them entirely, casting the old aside as we race toward the new… Read the rest at HBR.

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