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8 presentation slides to delete right now

Lately I’ve been coaching several speakers getting ready for industry conferences—hired either by their companies, or the conference organizers. As a result, I’ve spent an enormous amount of time telling speakers to ditch slide after slide after slide.

This alarms the speakers (and their assistants and interns) to no end. Some see the slide deck as a shield against forgetting a point or having to speak without giving the audience something else to look at. Some plan fully on reading them aloud, reducing the slide to a cue card and the audience to a read-along experience.

One confessed that the slides she submitted reflected “thinking out loud” about all the things she wanted to say, but that she then couldn’t bring herself to omit them once they were created, even though her presentation was just five minutes.

IT know-how and soft skills in demand by organisations seeking volunteers

Information technology (IT) know-how is the technical expertise most in demand by organisations currently seeking volunteers, a survey of 500 organisations has shown.
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Hyphenation—worth a second look

It’s a gift and a curse.

Ragan readers, you know what I’m talking about. Even when you’re not looking for them, you see them. I’m talking about spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors on signs, in movie credits, on magazine covers. They’re everywhere, and we can’t help but notice them.

Last week, I drove past a billboard that said, “Your coworking headquarters.” I had to look twice to make sure I understood what the sign meant.

That billboard brought to mind my least favorite punctuation mark, the hyphen, and how hyphens are generally used to avoid ambiguity, yet they confuse everyone.

Queen’s vice-chancellor elected a fellow of European Academy of Cancer Sciences

Queen’s University Belfast’s vice-chancellor, Prof Patrick Johnston has been elected a fellow of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences.
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How to cut the ‘ums,’ uhs,’ and ‘literallys’ when speaking

If there were “Survivor” for words, I’d vote off “literally.”

It’s inserted into sentences for no real reason.


I am literally the hungriest person in the world right now.
I am literally going to break this printer in a minute.
The coffee machine is literally the slowest thing on the planet.

Sound familiar? Maybe you even use it that way. You are not alone. Similar to “um” and “uh”, “literally” has become a filler word—tossed into sentences needlessly.

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg addresses audience in Dublin today

Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg was in Dublin today at the social network’s office.
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Why introverts make the best community managers

Many people assume that the best community and/or social media managers are extroverts. I believe the best community managers are actually introverts.

You see, extroverts can be your classic outgoing types that love to talk (especially about themselves). This me-me-me attitude doesn’t work so well when managing online social channels.

The best community managers tend to have these four traits in common, which I believe come more naturally to introverts:

They’re great listeners.