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The 5 behaviors that define highly engaged employees

How do you learn about employee engagement from someone who’s disengaged?

You don’t. That’s like trying to learn French from a Spanish teacher. People simply can’t teach you what they don’t know.

I decided the key to understanding employee engagement was to study highly engaged employees. I studied 150 highly engaged employees in 13 industries and 50 organizations ranging from aerospace and health care to technology and media.

Do these employees behave in consistent ways? The answer is a resounding yes.

Here is what I found:

Lean thinking, customer development and business models

Lean thinking, customer development frameworks and business model innovation are transforming how new products are being built and launched, writes Mary Cronin.
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5 Twitter tips from Steve Martin

I have suffered through more social media books than you can imagine.

Thanks to 10 years of blogging and writing several marketing books, I’m on the “official” list of book reviewers.

Unfortunately, after reading dozens of hastily published books, I find it hard to recall even a handful that I might recommend. The sadly predictable fact about most of these social media guides is that the longer the page count, the more useless the book.

One of my favorite books hardly anyone would consider a social media guide. It is written by a prolific actor, writer and banjo player who is almost 70 years old—Steve Martin. The book is only 103 pages.

Steve Martin is an unlikely social media guru.

Greater focus needed on construction and engineering careers as skills shortage grows – Engineers Ireland

Greater focus needs to be put on construction and engineering careers as demand for workers in these areas currently exceeds the numbers available, according to Engineers Ireland and recruitment agency Hays.
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6 career-transforming tips for entry-level employees

I’ve been an entry-level employee for more than nine months now, and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. The bright-eyed, bushy-tailed young professional I was now sees the real business world.

It’s not all rainbows, sunshine, and funfetti cupcakes. Lay-offs, firings, demotions, and pay-cuts are real. I sound pessimistic, right? But I’m not. Seeing reality has made me more passionate about my work than I ever thought possible. Success is always attainable.

A few pieces of advice to anyone who’s taking his or her first step into the workforce:

Ask questions. I know it’s common sense, but I still see the consequences of botched communication almost every day. Even if you think you understand a task, repeat it back to the supervisor. If you don’t understand or know a process, or don’t know a term—ask. Your supervisors will be more confident in you and trust you with more responsibilities.

AdRoll opens London office and appoints Michael Bertaut as managing director of EMEA strategic sales

AdRoll has announced the opening of its London office and the appointment of Michael Bertaut as managing director of EMEA strategic sales.
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What’s the worst email greeting?

There are a lot of terrible ways you could start an email, but is “to whom it may concern” the worst?

Some people certainly think it’s the bottom of the barrel, including Diane Gottsman of the Protocol School of Texas. She thinks the outdated greeting “sends the wrong message,” according to a Business Insider article.

From Business Insider:

More often than not, a quick phone call or Google search will unearth the name of the individual you’re emailing. If you don’t do your homework, the recipient may be insulted, and your chances of receiving a response decline significantly, Gottsman says. And this is especially true for job seekers.