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Email’s the top internal channel. So why aren’t people measuring it?

Mimi Garrity Denman’s email measurement woes are shared by nearly everybody she talks to in corporate communications.

“They would like to measure email,” says Garrity Denman, the director of employee communications at RMS, a catastrophe risk modeling company, “but they have a problem internally that prevents them from doing that.”

Email leads all other channels in importance to both communicators and employees. Yet because of roadblocks that range from technology to competing priorities, organizations are far more likely to measure intranets and websites, according to an Internet survey by PoliteMail and Ragan Communications.

For the complete survey results, download the free report “Internal Communications Measurement Survey Results.”

Economic growth set to accelerate to 3.4pc in 2015 – BoI outlook

Ireland’s economic growth is set to accelerate, with GDP growing by 2.8pc in 2014 and by 3.4pc next year, according to the Bank of Ireland’s latest outlook for the Irish economy.
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The top 5 workplace time traps

Remember cartoon character George Jetson‘s grueling two-hour workday, which earned him a deluxe apartment in the sky? Whatever happened to that future?

Instead of better technology letting us enjoy a shrinking work week, as we’ve expected for decades, the average American work week has actually grown to nearly 60 hours!

How is it that we have less discretionary time and work harder than ever, even though technological breakthroughs have made us all incredibly productive?

Minister issues statement to address ‘tax inversion’ references

Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton TD has made a statement following President Barack Obama’s mention of Ireland’s tax regime in a statement yesterday.
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Regarding the colon: Stop abusing this handy punctuation mark

The colon is a versatile punctuation mark. Here are its three primary functions, followed by a few other uses:

1. Definition or expansion

“But here’s the interesting thing: He hadn’t ever been there before.”

Note the capitalization of the first word after the colon. All usage guides agree that in a sentence like “I want you to tell me one thing: the truth,” the first word should be lowercase because it begins a phrase, not a complete sentence.

But handbooks are divided over whether to capitalize complete sentences.

New general secretary at the Association of Higher and Civil Public Servants

Ciaran Rohan has been appointed as general secretary of the Association of Higher and Civil Public Servants (AHCPS).
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Is PR harder than social media?

I recently spoke at the FutureComms14 conference, and one of my remarks during the “Anatomy of the Modern Communicator” sparked quite a bit of feedback both online and off.

While talking about recruiting, I said that I’d always prefer to recruit a PR person because it was easier to teach a PR person social media than it was to teach a social media person PR.

Some people nodded in vociferous agreement, while others shook their heads and tweeted in dismay.