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How to find time to create great content

We all know the many benefits of blogging, writing, self-publishing and other forms of content marketing. But one of the hardest parts is finding time to create content.

I’ve heard from many people who want to write more or create more content for their businesses but can’t find time to make it a habit. Below are seven tips for finding time to create excellent content.

1. Write about something you’re enthusiastic about.

View for 2015: Jonathan Hillyer, HWBC

Ireland’s property recovery is to gather momentum this year, writes Jonathan Hillyer.
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15 ways to boost your tweets’ click-through rate

How do you get someone to click your links on Twitter?

People ask this often, and rightly so. How to attract more people to your content is one of the most important aspects of Twitter success.

Here are 15 ways to get more click-throughs:

1. Write persuasive tweets.

Fastnet CFO leaving after review of cost structure

Exploration company Fastnet said today that its chief financial officer Will Holland is leaving the company with immediate effect after a review of its cost structure “in light of the lower oil price environment”.
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Press release bingo helps PR pros cut down on overused words

If you read press releases as part of your job, then you know they can get very repetitive.

A SHIFT Communications study of nearly 78,000 press releases revealed the 50 most commonly used words, and instead of another article lamenting the use of jargon, the firm released a game called “Bad Press Release Bingo” for PR pros to play alone or in the office.

“Business” topped the list with more than 10,000 press release mentions; “market,” “new,” “research,” “global,” “press,” “information” and “news” each garnered more than 3,000 mentions, and words such as “industry,” “growth,” “forward,” “solutions,” “performance,” “standard,” “sales,” “value” and “data” had more than 1,000 mentions each.