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5 must-haves for professional public speakers

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I frequently chat with people who wonder whether they should go for the rarified life of a paid public speaker.

The money is appealing, of course, but mostly what they wonder is, “Do I have what it takes?” By that they mean, “Does the world want to hear me hold forth on my area of passion and expertise?”

Greek government rejects offer from creditors – reports

Greece’s government has reportedly rejected the five-month extension to its bailout programme and €15.5bn in funding offered to the country today by its creditors.
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8 writing pitfalls—and how to save yourself from them

Most writing is neither bad nor good. Instead, the vast majority of it lies somewhere in the middle.

Whether you, the reader, like it boils down to taste. In matters of taste, we’re all experts.

Still, in that vast middle area there invariably are bad sentences, and the skilled self-editor has a vocabulary for describing them.

Here’s how you can identify your own writing problems:

1. Are your sentences too long? Isn’t it harder to read a long sentence than a short one? (Hands up if you survived the 958-word first sentence of Remembrance of Things Past. I know I didn’t.) As well, sentence length is often a “placeholder” for other problems. Are you unduly wordy? Do you have any misplaced modifiers? Are you sure your “sentence” has a subject and a verb? All these issues are easier to miss in long sentences. In short ones, they stand out like a pair of shorts at a funeral. Remember: In our TV- and Internet-focused society, readers respond best to an average sentence length of 14 to 18 words. Note that I said average; don’t make all your sentences exactly the same length.

Catherine Day to retire as EC secretary general in September

European Commission secretary general Catherine Day is to retire from her role on 1 September 2015.
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Researcher Dr Elaine Dunleavy receives €1m funding from Science Foundation Ireland

President of Ireland Michael D Higgins has received Dr Elaine Dunleavy, NUI Galway, as the recipient of the Science Foundation Ireland President of Ireland Young Researcher Award (PIYRA) at Áras an Uachtaráin.
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