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How to cut the ‘ums,’ uhs,’ and ‘literallys’ when speaking

If there were “Survivor” for words, I’d vote off “literally.”

It’s inserted into sentences for no real reason.


I am literally the hungriest person in the world right now.
I am literally going to break this printer in a minute.
The coffee machine is literally the slowest thing on the planet.

Sound familiar? Maybe you even use it that way. You are not alone. Similar to “um” and “uh”, “literally” has become a filler word—tossed into sentences needlessly.

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg addresses audience in Dublin today

Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg was in Dublin today at the social network’s office.
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Why introverts make the best community managers

Many people assume that the best community and/or social media managers are extroverts. I believe the best community managers are actually introverts.

You see, extroverts can be your classic outgoing types that love to talk (especially about themselves). This me-me-me attitude doesn’t work so well when managing online social channels.

The best community managers tend to have these four traits in common, which I believe come more naturally to introverts:

They’re great listeners.

Kieran McGowan named chairman of Appian Asset Management

Kieran McGowan has been appointed chairman of investment management company Appian Asset Management.

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5 invaluable lessons from bad bosses

Most articles about bad bosses say that the best thing you can learn from them is how not to manage employees. Can’t disagree with that.

Aside from that, there are other things you can learn from a bad boss that you can’t learn from a good boss.

Tim Sackett wrote a post about some of them here at TLNT. Here’s what he says:

Innovation Academy, UCD appoints Dr Johnny Ryan as executive director

The Innovation Academy, UCD has announced that it has appointed Dr Johnny Ryan as executive director.
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15 FREE sources for online images

The ancient saying that a picture is worth 1,000 words comes as no surprise to content marketers. Images arouse emotions, set the tone for your writing, help you tell a better story, and aid your readers in “seeing” what you’re trying to convey in words.

You can buy images; it’s easy. However, it can get expensive pretty quickly, especially if you’re committed to delivering high-quality visual content. If your budget is tight, you’ll be thrilled to learn that there are places to find images online for free.

Are you wondering where and how to find free images for your blog? Just use the websites below to begin discovering and downloading cost-free content in seconds.