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How to explain PR to your friends

Samantha Jones and I have nothing in common.

I don’t own a Fendi bag or bright-pink work suit. I don’t plan parties for celebrities, and I definitely don’t walk the red carpet on a Saturday night.

Unlike Samantha, I’m a public relations professional.

I build comprehensive PR plans. I crunch website analytics numbers. I develop creative initiatives to engage consumers across legacy and digital platforms.

Topaz laureate award winner with ten years of being a best workplace

Fuels and convenience retailer Topaz has received a special laureate award to mark its tenth year of being recognised as one of the Best Workplaces in Ireland.
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The fallacy of ‘instant’ employee engagement

Several months ago, I wrote an article suggesting that employee engagement had come of age.

The detractors were coming out of the woodwork and challenging the statistical relevance of engagement surveys. Were they causal or correlative? Doesn’t matter. Do they work? The answer is absolutely yes.

So, why should we all be angry about where the market is going today? Many people are now selling “instant” solutions to employee engagement: “Use this technology and your employees will become engaged right away.”

Ireland rises to ninth in EU digital index

Ireland has been ranked ninth of the 28 EU member states in the European Commission’s latest Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI).
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How to make your social media outreach successful

As brands become more and more visible on social media, the role of PR pros who understand the digital landscape gains importance.

Hundreds of PR pros, marketers and community managers gathered to learn from experts at Ragan’s third annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference at Walt Disney World.

Though the lessons were numerous— will share Storify compilations and highlight the conference on Pinterest—here are four insights that PR pros can use to ramp up their social media outreach:

1. Tap into the power of your community.