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Student Loan Forgiveness: Jobs That Pay Off Your Debt

Teacher talking to students

It sounds too good to be true, but teachers, nurses, and others can get a portion of their student loans erased.

How to Prepare Your Finances for a New Baby

Pregnant woman outside

Your new bundle of joy will come with a bundle of new expenses, too. Photo: Frank de Kleine

High Achiever? Beware the Impostor Syndrome

A difficult problem secretly plagues many high achievers: The Impostor Syndrome. It’s the feeling you don’t deserve to be where you are and that you’ve faked your way to success.

Center for Creative Leadership

Best Life Insurance Companies for 2014

Life insurance can ease your loved ones’ financial worries if you die unexpectedly, but it’s just as essential for your own peace of mind. In short, life insurance helps replace your lost income after you pass away, keeping any beneficiaries you name insulated from major money troubles that stem from your death.

The best life insurance companies offer a wide array of coverage options, superior customer service, and their own financial stability as an incentive to give them your trust — and money. In my research, three companies came out on top:

The military’s flexible planning requires flexible leaders

The U.S military is embracing flexible planning, with adaptability among the priorities, writes Army Capt. Justin J.  -More

SmartBrief on Leadership

Chase Slate® Review

Chase Slate® is the best card around to help you pay off credit card debt as quickly as possible, then keep your balance hovering at or near zero with an array of helpful budgeting and payment tools.

With Chase Slate®, you’ll receive an introductory balance transfer offer with no balance transfer fee for the first 60 days. You’ll also get the unbeatable introductory rate of 0% APR on all purchases and said balance transfers for the first 15 months. These introductory offers from Chase Slate are ideal if you’ve been struggling to pay off your credit card balance because of high interest rates.

I find the Chase Slate® to be truly dedicated to helping you tackle your credit card debt because they don’t just absorb your balances and then leave you with a brand-new card that eventually causes more debt. Instead, they offer additional assistance to keep you on track with maintaining a low balance. The Chase Slate® card provides exceptional tools like Blueprint® so you can quickly gain control over your payments, determine where your money is being applied, and gain visibility to your spending habits.

Questions about Baby Exhaustion, Data Plans, Goodwill, Costco, and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question.
1. Money discipline with baby exhaustion
2. Never enough
3. Piles of old paperbacks
4. Books for high earners
5. Investing small amounts
6. The $ 2,000 iPad
7. Buy it for life: Goodwill
8. Comparing quality of life
9. “Costco-sized portions”
10. Are data plans worth it?
11. Trick or treat expense
12. Headphones advice
13. Debt repayment or savings
14. Selling hair
15. NaNoWriMo

Recently, I was asked by a personal friend how I still manage to come up with post ideas after so many years and how I avoid repeating things.

First of all, I have no problems with ideas. I have long lists of ideas. The trick is filtering those ideas into ones that will work well as articles.