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10 Underrated Perks of Working for Someone Else

"The Office" Christmas party

The appeal of entrepreneurship is undeniable, but you give up a lot of perks when you leave the corporate nest – including office holiday parties. Photo: The Office NBC via Facebook


Here’s an alternative to micromanagement

The opposite of micromanagement is a leadership approach in which trusted workers are given training, expectations and the au –More– 

SmartBrief on Leadership


17 Vegetarian Recipes to Save Money on Meals

chopped carrots for soup

Fall is the perfect time to prepare a hearty vegetable soup served with homemade bread. Photo: Liz West


Beach Notes: Froggy Beach

By Suzie Cheel & Des Walsh

There’s this little beach where we walk sometimes. We don’t know its official name but the locals call it Froggie Beach, or just Froggie, for short.

Because someone, years ago, painted one of the rocks as a frog. The paint gets mysteriously renewed by a person or persons unknown.

Everyone else saw just rocks. Someone saw a frog.

What will you see differently today?


Why a Leased Smartphone Is a Dumbphone

holding an iphone 6

Don’t be hypnotized by the hype: Leasing your smartphone is a dumb move. You can save more than a thousand dollars over two years by purchasing a phone outright and using a cheap month-to-month plan. Photo: Eduardo Woo