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HR Pipeline: How to Make Learning Stick

Improve your chances for “learning transfer” with these five strategies.

Center for Creative Leadership

Are unmarried CEOs greater risk-takers?

Single CEOs of publicly traded companies have a greater appetite for risk than their married counterparts, according to resea -More

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Discover the Forest

One of the coolest online tools I’ve seen in a long time came to my attention this past weekend as I was thinking about our family’s weekend plans between now and Memorial Day. With the arrival of spring, I was looking for outdoor activities, when I came across

DiscoverTheForest is a website that allows you to see all of the parks, hiking trails, forests, and other natural areas within a small radius of where you live. Simply type in your zip code and set a radius (say, 25 miles) and a map pops up showing you all of these locations. You can click on each one to find out more about it, typically including a link to find out more information about that specific site.

I typed in our zip code, set the radius to 50 miles, and I quickly found a very long list of hiking trails, parks, and other such places near our home.

Reader Mailbag: Mushrooms

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question.
1. Balancing savings and risk
2. Cheap automobile situation
3. Finding auction deals
4. Property and income tax
5. Children and careers
6. Archiving old magazines
7. Trying to avoid more mistakes
8. Prepping for a home sale
9. Long road trips?
10. Smart phone or cheap one?

One of the clearest signs of the arrival of spring in my family is the presence of morels in the woods. Morels are a delicacy and can easily be sold for $ 20 a pound when fresh, but why would you sell them? They’re a spectacular treat.

Over the next few weeks, our family will find lots of excuses to head out into the woods and look around for morels. I’m perfectly happy to find just a few as I love to scramble them with eggs, but I’ll happily take as many as I can find.

What to Do if Performance Lags

Do you suffer from a gap between your strategy and its execution? If so, CCL’s David Dinwoodie has some advice.

Center for Creative Leadership

Considering Self-Employment? Six Things You Need to Know from Someone Who Has Done It for Years

I’ve been fully self-employed since 2008, starting from a side business that was around in some form since 2004. Over that decade, I’ve learned quite a lot about the financial and practical realities of self-employment.

When I first made the leap to full-time self employment, it was scary. It felt like the number of things I needed to do was overwhelming.

What I found over time was that some of the stuff was important – and some of it wasn’t. Here are the six things that I’m really glad I did during the first stages of self-employment. You should do most of these even if you’re self-employed on a part-time basis or in your spare time.

Start your corporate structure as early as possible

People are at the heart of GE’s talent reviews

General Electric’s system for reviewing talent is set apart by the time, commitment and deep thought put toward evaluating em -More

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