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The $64,000 Question

A few weeks ago, I was at a fundraiser for my children’s school when I struck up a conversation with a friend, who then introduced me to a third person that I didn’t know before. We chatted a bit and then he learned that I wrote The Simple Dollar, so the conversation turned to the basics of personal finance.

He wanted to know what kind of investment advice I give, and I told him the truth: I’m pretty passive when it comes to investing and I believe the best investment gains come from not being wasteful with your money in your day to day life.

He asked for a few examples and so I talked about our life a little. We eat at home almost all of the time. We spend most of our free time doing things like reading or going on hikes or participating in sports. We basically view the sticker price of something as being a real negative against doing it, not just something to toss on the credit card and forget.

How to be better at critical feedback

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Coaching: 1 Idea, 3 Facts, 5 Tips

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Some Thoughts About Living on $29 a Week for Food

chopping vegetables

If you want to spend less on food, overcome your fear of cooking and prepare meals at home. Photo: Jeff Kubina

How to be a lousy manager

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