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Please Give Input on Locations for My Workshops in 2016

WORKSHOPS (1)I have a SMALL favor to ask of you, as a Lean Blog reader…

I’m currently working on my public registration workshop calendar for 2016, which includes these workshops:

Healthcare Kaizen” and “Experience Change


Maybe We Should Call it “The Many Whys” Instead of “The Five Whys” in #Lean & #LeanStartup

WhyWhen you ask people about the Lean Startup methodology, one of the first things you’ll often hear is advocacy for a root cause problem solving method called “the 5 whys.”

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m currently attending Eric Ries’ “Lean Startup Conference,” yesterday and today, so I hope you’ll say hi if you’re there.

For a bit of background, Eric wrote this blog post about the Five Whys, crediting Taiichi Ohno, one of the creators of the Toyota Production System. Listen to my podcast with Eric sharing his reflections on Ohno.


Introducing the Toyota Kata Podcast or “KataCast”

T_Toyota Kata Podcast Logo copyoday, I’m announcing a new podcast series called the Toyota Kata Podcast, or “KataCast” for short.

As the Toyota Kata book and methodology have become more popular, I’ve been surprised that I haven’t been asked “why don’t you blog more about Toyota Kata?”

Really, the only reference to TK has been a guest post by my friend Michael Lombard earlier this year.


Key Tweets from @MarkGraban – Week of November 2, 2015: Blab, Toyota, & More

Key TweetsHere’s the latest installment of “Key Tweets,” a weekly post that summarizes some of my tweets (or retweets) from the week, including pictures and other fun stuff. Follow me @MarkGraban and join the fun and the conversation. See the previous installments of Key Tweets here.

If you’re reading this via email or RSS, you might get a better experience by clicking through to view it on the website because it will display article link previews, embedded photos, etc., providing a better reader experience for you.

I had a very interesting week, including time at a Lean conference in Baltimore, which included some good friends of mine, including Jamie Flinchbaugh, Dan Markovitz, Mark Hamel, and others. Jamie Bonini from Toyota and the TSSC was also there (see videos about their amazing work).


The Way Life Should Be – At L.L. Bean & Other Manufacturers

Mark’s Note: I asked Paul Critchley to blog about this article from The Atlantic that I read recently: “Why L.L. Bean’s Boots Keep Selling Out.” You might want to read that first. Here’s Paul’s post:

Paul Critchley

Paul Critchley