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Friday Leadership Ideas to Help You Finish Strong for June 26, 2015

Every week I share a few ideas to help you finish strong. A great ending sets the stage for success next week. For this week, I’m offering a reminder to follow-through or follow-up on the professional development activities of your team members and I suggest a fun way to stimulate ideas and discussions around topics that matter. Enjoy and use them in great professional health!


Art of Managing—There’s No Substitute for the Right Tools

Most of the tools of management were conceived in an era characterized by a great deal of consistency and predictability…two attributes in short supply today. It’s time to rethink everything, including the tools we use to manage and plan for our very uncertain futures. There is no substitute for the right tool. Sometimes, you simply have to create that tool.


MBA Class of 2015—It’s Time to Rededicate to Learning

(This post originally appeared at the Management Excellence Blog by Art Petty.) Every year I offer my heartfelt encouragement to the many newly minted MBA students leaving their classrooms and cohorts behind at graduation. In prior years, my “Congratulations! Now What?” post was intended to offer some transition guidance for leveraging the degree. For this year, I’m emphasizing the need for new graduates to retain their hunger for learning and shift their efforts to regular and far-reaching exploration of the ideas changing our world.


Just One Thing—Push Beyond “M” for Mediocrity

(Note: this post originally appeared at the Management Excellence blog, copyright 2015 Art Petty.) Why do we fail with our initiatives (projects, strategy, leadership) in the workplace so regularly when the causes of failure are well documented and the practices to minimize the chances of failure so well identified?


Leadership Caffeine™—To Be Effective, Your Do Must Match Your Tell

(Note: This post first appeared at the Management Excellence blog by Art Petty. Copyright 2015 Art Petty.) No creature on the planet destroys credibility faster than a pontificating blow-hard of a boss who is great at turning oxygen into over-heated carbon dioxide, but not so great at overcoming the gravitational pull of his posterior to the chair and putting his own words into action. Here are 7 tips to help ensure your do matches your tell: