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Leadership Caffeine—In Praise of Mistakes Made for the Right Reasons

Show me a mistake-free leader, and I’ll show you someone hiding from the real issues confronting the business: people and strategy.


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Leadership Caffeine—3 Questions To Help You Cultivate Your Leadership Style

I can tell you with absolute certainty that I didn’t think about my own leadership style for a large part of the first decade of my career. I didn’t care at the time. It wasn’t relevant. Although in hindsight, I certainly had a style, it was more muscle than finesse. It wasn’t until a wise and confident senior leader challenged me to think through and then apply the answers to three powerful questions, that I began to form an effective leadership style.


It’s Your Career—Is It Time for You to Go?

Far too many professionals linger in stagnant roles or struggling firms long beyond the optimal expiration date of their involvement. Instead of seeking out new challenges that support learning and skills expansion, otherwise competent, motivated individuals tend to linger in bad situations hoping for circumstances to shift more to their liking. More often than not, they are disappointed.


Art of Managing—How to Respond When the Experiment Goes Wrong

In the most successful firms I’ve been around, the managers actively promote experimentation and learning as core to everyone’s job. Yet, it’s not the words on the wall or even the words that come out of their mouths about experimentation, it’s the actions they take when things go horribly wrong that fosters the effective learning environment. Here are 3 counter-intuitive ideas for turning project failures into lessons learned that stick:


Art of Managing—In Searching for Talent, Emphasize Potential

The author builds a case for shifting away from the competency model (core skills and experiences) that has dominated hiring practices for the recent past, to one that emphasizes assessing a candidate’s potential in the form of, “the ability to adapt to ever-changing business environments and grow into challenging new roles.”


Just One Thing—The Impact of a Simple Gesture

There’s a lesson in this situation for any airline or business striving to differentiate in a world where almost everything seems to be some flavor of vanilla. The best marketing always has been and always will be relating to people as individuals and creating a warm, memorable experience.


Leadership Caffeine—Beware Becoming Part of the Drama

Let’s face it, some people thrive on bringing their personal challenges into the workplace and baring them all for the world to see. These drama kings and queens seem to revel in sharing their own misery with us in a seemingly never-ending series of scenes from the worst tragic Broadway or faux-Shakesperian play ever. Here are 4 ideas to help you avoid becoming part of the drama: