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Just One Thing—Push Beyond “M” for Mediocrity

(Note: this post originally appeared at the Management Excellence blog, copyright 2015 Art Petty.) Why do we fail with our initiatives (projects, strategy, leadership) in the workplace so regularly when the causes of failure are well documented and the practices to minimize the chances of failure so well identified?


Leadership Caffeine™—To Be Effective, Your Do Must Match Your Tell

(Note: This post first appeared at the Management Excellence blog by Art Petty. Copyright 2015 Art Petty.) No creature on the planet destroys credibility faster than a pontificating blow-hard of a boss who is great at turning oxygen into over-heated carbon dioxide, but not so great at overcoming the gravitational pull of his posterior to the chair and putting his own words into action. Here are 7 tips to help ensure your do matches your tell:


At Least 10 Unnatural Acts of Misguided Management

Note: this post originally appeared at the Management Excellence blog by Art Petty. The pursuit of effective management is a noble calling. It’s too bad that too many managers give it a bad name. Here are at least 10 unnatural acts of less than brilliant managers:


Leading the Project? Define Your Charter to Support High Performance

It’s hard to argue with either of these statements, nonetheless, too many project managers deeply skilled in the mechanics of their vocation fall short on learning and practicing the soft-skills critical for high performance team development. When project fail…and too many do, there’s a safe bet that people-related issues are key contributors to the initiative’s demise. Great project managers define their role beyond the project mechanics liberally. Here are 7 steps to help you define and begin using your own Project Leader’s Charter in pursuit of high performance:


Leadership Caffeine™—Uncertainty…Get Over It

Frankly, this is a remarkable time to be in business and to be serving in a leadership role. The risks, fears of change, possibilities of disruption or the realities of creative destruction and non-destructive creation are all facts of our business lives and they create a remarkable backdrop for us to create…to innovate. But first, we’ve got to fight our natural tendencies when determining how to act in this environment. Here are 3 key pitfalls to avoid and 5 key skills that leaders must cultivate to succeed in this ever-changing world: