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It’s Your Career—When the Words, “Enjoy the Journey” Suddenly Make Sense

Almost all of us have heard some variation of Remember to Enjoy the Journey at some point in our lives. Whether it was our parents or grandparents offering hard won advice to our younger selves or, an experienced manager sharing perspective on a tumultuous period at work, these words likely bounced around and then exited our brains at the time, with little thought to their truth and significance. Here are 5 ideas to help you keep the days and challenges of your career in perspective:


New Leader Tuesday—The Hard Work of Leading Effectively

If you’re new to the role of guiding others, here’s the preface to your real job description. Use it in good health and in pursuit of greatness!


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Leadership Caffeine—Why Should Anyone Trust You to Lead?

Seriously, why is it that someone or some group should trust you to lead? From long experience and ample input from thousands of professionals, here are 5 big credibility killers and 5 big leadership credibility builders:


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It’s Your Career—Resolve to Conquer Your Fear of Speaking

A frighteningly few number of people genuinely relish the idea of getting up in front of an audience at work and talking.That’s too bad, because there are few skills that will take you further and help you more in your career than developing your speaking skills.


Art of Managing—Managing Effectively is Hard, Good Work

For some reason, the work of management and of managers often is positioned as a poor second cousin to the richer, nobler tasks of leading. That’s a false perspective. Good managers with good leadership skills are incredibly valuable to today’s organizations. Here are a few reasons why you should be proud of your important role as a manager:


Art of Managing—Beware the Lure of Strategy in a Box Approaches

Strategy is one of those difficult topics that dog most management teams and most firms. The real work of strategy is challenging, time consuming and filled with hard-to-answer questions. Given the challenges of managing an effective, on-going strategy process, it’s no surprise “Strategy in a Box” approaches are often adopted by management teams looking to add a check mark to the strategy task on their annual goals. Here are some key reasons why there are no shortcuts when it comes to strategy:


Leadership Caffeine—Ideas to Help You Adjust Your Attitude and Improve Performance

While Woody Allen offered, “80 percent of success is just showing up,” I might politely suggest the phrase is missing a key ingredient: attitude. There’s a profound difference between showing up and showing up with the right attitude. Here are five ideas to help you put your attitude in the right place before you start your work day: