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Art of Managing—Moving Beyond A Failure to Execute

Resolving the failure to execute problem is much more like a long-term fitness program than a quick weight-loss diet. It involves changing the thinking about what’s most important for organizational health and success and doing the hard work of developing new habits that support continuous improvement. Here are 7 ideas to help you begin developing some healthy new habits:


Level-Up #2—Reality Check for the New Vice President

There are few more simultaneously exciting and disorienting experiences in your professional life than your initial promotion to a corporate position as vice president of something. Here are 4 very real facts of life for you in your new role and some thoughts about what to do about them:


Level-Up—Career: A New Feature at Management Excellence

With this post, I’m excited to introduce the new Level-Up Career feature here at Management Excellence. The theme is based on my third book (in process): Level-Up—Surviving and Thriving on the Road to Senior Management. The series is focused on helping professionals entering the power-curve of their career learn to succeed and to navigate the challenges during the journey from middle to executive management. Some the planned topics include:


Leadership Caffeine—What Frequency are You Broadcasting On?

In a conversation with a good friend and highly respected retained search professional, the topic of a “leader’s frequency” was raised. I like the metaphor, although my friend might describe it as much more real than metaphor. In my own experience, the leaders who stand out…the ones who moved the needle for teams, individuals and organizations all broadcast on a frequency that is easy for us to hear and to understand with minimal amounts of noise to distract us from the message.


Level-Up #1—Congratulations on Your Promotion! Now What?

There are few opportunities in your career that offer greater opportunities for learning, growth and personal and financial reward than your move to executive management. And while the opportunities abound, the risks to your career from missteps or failure are also very real.


Leadership Caffeine—In Challenging Times, Keep Fear and Failure Outside Looking In

Every organization and every team runs into challenging spots. Life and business don’t always work as planned. “Man plans and God laughs,” as my former CEO would recite. It’s the rough patches that teach you and require you to cultivate your leadership character, and part of this is keeping fear at bay and the specter of failure out of mind and out of the vocabulary of your team. Here are 6 ideas to help you fight off organizational fear and keep your team on track when the going gets rough:


Art of Managing—The Pursuit of Excellence is a Choice

Too few managers and management teams talk about what it means to promote a culture of business performance excellence in and across their organizations. Even fewer work on it.


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