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If you choose to be in the dog food business…

Be delighted to eat dog food.

It makes no sense to disdain the choices your customers make. If you can’t figure out how to empathize and eagerly embrace the things they embrace, you are letting everyone down with your choice. Sure, someone needs to make this, but it doesn’t have to be you.

If you treat the work as nothing but an obligation, you will soon be overwhelmed by competition that sees it as a privilege and a calling.

Life is Like a Big Hot Cup of… Story For All Leaders to Share

Life is Like Hot Chocolate – Leader Story to Share

One of the reasons I blog is to provide leaders resources to share with their teams. Leaders have tremendous opportunities to share inspiring and powerful videos and stories with their teams and organizations. Doing so gives those they lead something to think about, to be inspired by and to work towards.

Leadership is as much, if not more, about changing people and their lives as it is about increasing productivity and the bottom line. The following story can help leaders have an impact on helping others enjoy the journey and effectively align priorities.

Spend The Company’s Money Like It’s Your Own

“Most people have zero awareness of what business overhead looks like,” startup executive Erin Robbins O’Brien says. They run up costs and then are surprised by the lack of money left over for salaries and raises.
Forbes – Leadership

How to Stop Corporate Inversions

Bill George and Mihir Desai, professors at Harvard Business School, explain why our corporate tax code is driving American business overseas.

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Leading People Like Family

Leaders Eat Last

In Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek shares an insight he learned from Bob Chapman, Chairman and CEO of the Barry-Wehmiller Companies. It’s an important way of framing our leadership responsibility:

Every single employee is someone’s son or someone’s daughter. Parents work to offer their children a good life and a good education and to teach them the lessons that will help them grow up to be happy, confident and able to use all the talents they were blessed with. Those parents then hand their children over to a company with the hope the leaders of that company will exercise the same love and care as they have. “It is we, the companies, who are now responsible for these precious lives,” says Chapman.

How to Connect with An Audience—It’s One of Your Most Important Leadership Skills

Guest post from Gary Genard:

Perhaps the biggest public speaking mistake emerging leaders make is to focus on delivering information. But a leader never gives a speech to convey content. Instead, the aim should be to influence—and often activate—listeners.

Tone deaf

Great marketers have empathy.

They’re able to imagine what it might be like to have a mustache or wear pantyhose. They work hard to imagine life in someone else’s shoes.

Bullies are tone deaf. They don’t always set out to be brutal and selfish, but their near-total lack of empathy amplifies their self involvement.

“What’s it like to be you?” is an impossible question to answer. But people who aren’t tone deaf manage to ask it.