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Sometimes It’s Good To See Teamwork Fail… Amazing Video!

Failed Team of Lions Going After Elephant

Teamwork at it’s worse…

Normally you don’t want to see team’s fail, but I think you will agree that in the following video it is a really good thing. Watch this dramatic moment when a young elephant fights off this vicious team of 14 hungry lions.

Right of way

It started with boats, but over the centuries, it is practiced everywhere… we establish cultural rights of way, a hierarchy of precedence about who gets to go first. We need a default because we can’t always have a discussion about who goes next in the moment.

Motorboats, for example, are generally expected to veer out of the way of a sailboat (instead of the other way around). This makes sense, of course, because they have more options and can recover more easily.

That’s one way to prioritize who gets to go first: the small over the big, the one who needs it over the one would could handle the interruption. It’s annoying for the motorboat, but vital for the sailboat.

How To Ace Your Performance Review

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Are You Uncomfortable?


No one likes to be uncomfortable.

But, there is a correlation between our growth and success in life and the discomfort we’re willing to impose on ourselves. Growth necessarily takes us outside of our comfort zone.

In a world of rapid and continual change, radical personal growth is required. We need to get used to it.

If we are going to stay relevant, we are going to be uncomfortable. If we are going to grow, we’re going to be uncomfortable. It’s difficult and unsettling. It’s just doesn’t feel right.

What’s Missing from Annual Reports


As a shareholder of several companies, I receive many updates and reports. Even though I know how to dissect the financials and pull out any relevant ratios, I’m not satisfied with the story that these reports tell me. Nor, I’d suggest, are most shareholders. Many choose not to receive an annual report at all, online or in hard copy — and few of those who do actually read what they get. Who can blame them?

What we want to know simply isn’t in there. We want assurance that our investments are secure, of course. But more than that, we want to know the health of the companies we’re investing in. We’re looking for a holistic view, just as we are when visiting the doctor for a check-up. And to get that, we need more than the financial equivalents of blood pressure and temperature readings.

Though there’s been a push toward greater disclosure in several countries — such as the U.S., the UK, and South Africa — shareholders have a right to demand even more. An annual report should show what the company is doing for and getting from each group of key stakeholders (within the bounds of commercial sensitivity). Some companies are starting to share finer-grained results, which helps, but they need to go further.

Christmas in the POW Camps and Clarifying Your Culture

During this special season of gift-giving, today’s post is an excerpt from leadership consultant and former Vietnam POW, Lee Ellis’ latest book, Leading with Honor in the chapter on “Clarifying […]
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There’s a fundamental difference between the things you do every day, every single day, and the things you do only when the spirit moves you.

One difference is that once you’ve committed to doing something daily, you find that the spirit moves you, daily.

Rather than having a daily debate about today’s agenda, you can decide once that you will do something, and then decide every single day how to do it.