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Who Benefits from the Peer-to-Peer Economy?


Barbara Ann Berwick drove for Uber for eight weeks in 2014. She, and two others, then brought suit against the company. On June 16, the California Labor Commission ruled that she as a driver should have been classified as an employee – not an independent contractor – and that she was due over $ 4 million in expenses and penalties. As expected, Uber filed its rebuttal on July 9, bolstered with written statements from more than 400 drivers supporting the company.

Are Uber drivers being exploited or fairly compensated? Should governments, consumers, and voters support or suppress the movement towards increasingly freelance labor? It depends.

The 150-year history of industrial capitalism has led the US (and others) to tie benefits and workplace rules to full-time employment. “Choose the full-time job with benefits!” parents urge their children.

Common Sense Leadership: 3 Things You’ve Been Right About All Along

Most leaders spend intentional time, energy, resources, and effort investing in their learning. However, there is some learning that is relatively easy to acquire for all leaders. And this type […]

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Thoughts for the consigliere

The marketer, the sales rep, the CFO. These are the indispensable levers that help creative work get to the world.

When you’re part of a project but not the driving creative force, when you work to lever the work of a team of mad scientists and brilliant designers, consider a blend of three roles:

Generous skeptic: When the new idea is on the table, when things are being discussed, hashed out and workshopped, are you able to ask the useful and difficult questions? Someone needs to be the trusted critic, asking not with fear, but with confidence. Your question is useful when it exposes the truth, not when it helps us hide.

Shameless cheerleader: Once the work is done and ready for market, your job is to stand fully behind it, far more than even those that actively created it. This might be hard work, but it’s your work. If you can’t own it, don’t ship it.

The Essential Guide to Crafting a Work Email


You, like me, probably rattle off emails quickly, all day (and sometimes all night) long. And that means the people receiving your emails are doing exactly the same thing. Whether this is good or bad for us, generally speaking, is an open question. But until we all get better at dealing with email overflow, how do you make sure the ones you send get noticed – and for reasons other than an unfortunate Freudian typo?

First, the basics. They may seem obvious, but they’re easy to forget.


Overcoming Personal Intimidation for Leaders – 3 Ways That Work!

Intimidating and Intimidation and Leaders

Have you ever felt intimidated? Most won’t admit it, but from time to time whether you are new or seasoned, personal intimidation can play an unfortunate role in your life. It’s paralyzing as a leader.

By looking up to someone and admitting that we feel less than that person, means we are entertaining feelings of less worth and self doubt. This can lead to feelings of low-self esteem, anxiety, nervousness and even shyness for some. It can cause us to perform poorly in some situations and even entirely avoid others.