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This #1 Leadership Tip From Steve Jobs Can Change The Way You Lead

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You would think a #1 leadership tip from Steve Jobs might be complex, right? No, not really.

Steve Jobs philosophy was spot on which was to simply hire great people, make them accountable and then get out of their way. However, doing this is difficult for many leaders.

8 CEO Actions to Ensure Chief Customer Officer Success

Guest post from Jeanne Bliss:
More than ever, customer experience is a priority for CEOs in nearly every industry. With the ability to spur customer-driven growth and business transformation, Chief Customer Officers (CCOs) have become embraced as the go-to role for customer experience. However, senior executives should know before they decide on a CCO, that this position requires a personal commitment from them. There are eight major actions the CEO should do to ensure CCO success.

The Smartest Man Is Wild About Innovation

Forbes – Leadership

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Tribe members often fall into a trap, a trap created by the fear of standing out, and a natural avoidance to question things.

“You’re not wearing the proper tie.”

“That’s not how someone like us gets married.”

“My tweets are of the proper format, yours aren’t.”

“The way you are teaching your kids the rules is wrong.”

Why Overtime Pay Doesn’t Change How Much We Work

Kenneth Andersson

America works too much. Half of salaried workers report putting in at least 50 hours a week, and surveys of white collar professionals report even higher figures. Long hours deplete our ability to make good choices and make it harder to fit in a full night of sleep. As a result, workers are less productive, less healthy, even less ethical. Long hours also make it harder for women to advance into leadership roles.