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LEGO’s Girl Problem Starts with Management

This summer, LEGO launched a minor revolution. It introduced professional women – scientists, no less – into its latest toy line aimed at girls. The new figurines – called “minifigs” by Lego die-hards – feature a female palaeontologist, an astronomer, and a chemist. They sold out on the first day.

This, after years of mediocre “pink” products that did little to grow Lego’s share of the girls’ toy aisle.

Why did it take until 2014 for the world’s second-largest toy maker to offer girls (and their toy-buying parents) products they might actually want? (After all, even Barbie has been an astronaut since 1965.)

You know You’re a Micromanager When….

No manager likes to think of themselves as a “micromanager”….. yet, working for a micromanager boss is one of the most frequently reported reasons employees hate their jobs or hate their bosses.

Take my 20 questions quiz over at Management and Leadership to find out if you’re a micromanager!

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Without a keyboard

When the masses only connect to the net without a keyboard, who will be left to change the world?

It is possible but unlikely that someone will write a great novel on a tablet.

You can’t create the spreadsheet that changes an industry on a smart phone.

And professional programmers don’t sit down to do their programming with a swipe.

Many people are quietly giving away one of the most powerful tools ever created—the ability to craft and spread revolutionary ideas. Coding, writing, persuading, calculating—they still matter. Yes, of course the media that’s being created on the spot, the live, the intuitive, this matters. But that doesn’t mean we don’t desperately need people like you to dig in and type.

Self Doubt And Fear And What You Can Do About It – 5 Quick Tips

Self Doubt – Leader – Fear – Courage

Fear is a normal experience for all of us. Even though you may be a fairly courageous person, it doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid of things from time to time.

Has anyone ever encouraged you to do something they felt you would be very good at like applying for an upcoming manager position, writing a book, or speaking professionally? How did you respond? Did they scare you or inspire you?

You’re Just Not Strategic Enough for Me

Have you gotten that feedback? Ouch! That’s almost as bad as “let’s just be friends”.

But have no fear, you can learn to be more strategic!

Read my latest post over at Management and Leadership to find out how.


Great Leadership

Adaptive Intelligence: Your Organization’s Cultural Operating System

  “This planet came with a set of instructions, but we seem to have misplaced them. Civilization needs a new operating system.” ~Paul Hawken Pressure Test Here is a quick test to help you understand both emotional and analytical thinking. What do you normally do when your computer has a glitch and that box pops […]
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3 Reasons to Kill Influencer Marketing

Marketers like to repeat the quote, “I know I waste half of my ad budget, I just don’t know which half.”  No one knows who first said it—it’s been attributed to a number of people—but the fact that it gets repeated so often is testament to how strongly it resonates.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that marketers like the idea of “influentials,” seemingly ordinary people who determine what others think, do and buy.  A recent study of 1300 marketers found that 74% of them planned to invest in influencer marketing over the next 12 months.

However, there’s good reason to believe that it’s all a waste of time and effort.  While the idea of influentials may be intuitively convincing, there is very little, if any, evidence that they actually can improve performance—or even exist at all.  So before you embark on another influencer campaign, consider that these three reasons why it’s a waste of time and money.