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Half of Employees Don’t Feel Respected by Their Bosses

Stop Trying to Motivate Me!

Dear manager. Please stop using inane tactics to motivate me. It’s frustrating for everyone involved and it just doesn’t work. The effect of your tactics is the opposite of what you want. I’d like to help you help me by requesting that you stop doing three things …
Read Susan Fowler’s guest post over at Management and Leadership to learn more:

A three-step marketing ladder

Probably worth reviewing at your next marketing meeting (or every marketing meeting)… There’s a three-step ladder:




Awareness is when someone knows you exist. The knock-knock part of the knock-knock joke, the person who has another interest and trust to want to know more. 

  • Awareness is sexy
  • You don’t need to be known by everyone (or even most people) merely the right ones
  • Awareness probably isn’t as much of your problem as you think it is
  • Awareness-seeking is addictive (and easy to measure)

Education is the story we tell, the transfer of information and emotion from us to the aware consumer. 

How to Hone Your Leadership Skills on the Road

Woman in Car Make-up

In the hurried pace of the world today, it seems that most people are almost too focused on themselves. There’s evidence of this everywhere, and the road is no exception. It’s nearly impossible to ignore the speeding drivers, eager to cut others off to gain a few feet of advantage on their commute.

You’ve no doubt seen it before, that glance you get from underneath their Maui Jim sunglasses as they cut you off.

Gratitude Is An Attitude – The Super Power of Thank You

Gratitude is an Attitude. Thankfulness, Gratitude, Thank you

I love Thanksgiving! It is a time to reflect on the most important things in my life and my families life. Are you doing the same? It is healthy to look at those things that matter most and to reflect on each blessing.

There is power in gratitude, and the simple, but super powerful words, of Thank You. I hope that each of you will take the time to thank those you lead.

Pizza Hut – How Lock-In Causes Growth Stalls, Irrelevancy and Bad Results

Pizza Hut was once a major brand, but it has drifted into irrelevancy. Leadership is trying to defend the old business rather than find a new growth core.
Forbes – Leadership

Finding the Right Metaphor for Your Presentation