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Best Car Insurance Companies of 2014

You’ve seen auto insurance ads cluttering every commercial break, no doubt. Sometimes they’re funny (talking animals, anyone?), sometimes they’re sobering (shocking crashes, sobbing families), and sometimes they simply appeal to your bottom dollar by promising the best possible rate.

The barrage of ads underscores that there’s no shortage of competition among the nation’s car insurance companies. Fortunately, that’s good news for you. Competition usually translates into lower rates and better perks as companies battle for your business. The best car insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage, superior customer service, financial strength, and painless shopping experiences to get a leg up on their competition. In my research, these companies came out on top:

Best Auto Loans for 2014

Unless you’re lucky (or disciplined) enough to be sitting on a small pile of cash, chances are you’ll need an auto loan to buy your next vehicle. But who should get your business? The list of options is staggering. You can nab a car loan at your local credit union, a behemoth bank, car dealer, and just about everywhere in between.

Landing a good interest rate should be your primary concern when you’re looking at auto loans. Though I made sure competitive interest rates were high on my list, I also looked at several other factors to narrow down my selections. Since, personal preferences are unique, I broke down my selections into three categories. Here are the companies that came out on top in my research:

Best Home Security System for 2014

Home security is often not addressed until an intrusion has already occurred. According to the FBI, more than 2 million burglaries were reported in 2012. However, homes with alarm systems have shown to be 300% less likely to be broken into. It’s evident that the majority of us are not doing everything we can to proactively mitigate these risks.

Top home security systems have a proven track record in protecting homes and their valuable contents. Read on to begin exploring which best home security system is the right fit for you and your family.

The Simple Dollar’s Top Picks

Let’s Kill off our Best Employees!

Organizations don’t always do a good job when it comes to nurturing, developing, rewarding, and retaining their high potential employees. In fact, it often seems like they are going out of their way to sabotage their best employees.

Read my latest over at About.com Management and Leadership to learn more:

Live. Die. Repeat. 10 Ways to Kill Your Best Employees

Great Leadership

Best Student Loans in 2014

Are you having a hard time finding out what the best student loans are? You might also be wondering how to nab the best student loan rates. You’re not alone if you think figuring out how you’ll pay for college is a stressful, complicated process.

In this article, I’ll summarize federal student loans and private student loans, discuss whether private student loans make sense, and tackle how to get started in your search for the best student loans.

If you already know you’re in the market for private loans, a site like SimpleTuition can ease your search for the best private student loans by letting you directly compare loans and interest rates from different lenders. Just a few minutes and a minimum amount of personal information will generate a number of options.

Best Life Insurance Companies for 2014

Life insurance can ease your loved ones’ financial worries if you die unexpectedly, but it’s just as essential for your own peace of mind. In short, life insurance helps replace your lost income after you pass away, keeping any beneficiaries you name insulated from major money troubles that stem from your death.

The best life insurance companies offer a wide array of coverage options, superior customer service, and their own financial stability as an incentive to give them your trust — and money. In my research, three companies came out on top: