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The Best Jobs For 2014

Most jobs for mathematicians used to be confined to the cloistered halls of academia. But in the age of big data, an increasing number of companies are hiring mathematicians to crunch numbers for all sorts of projects, from energy firms that need to figure out the most efficient ways to get products to distributors, to the U.S. Department of Transportation, which must calculate how best to spend agency money. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job opportunities for mathematicians will grow 23% between 2012 and 2022 and it pegs the median 2012 mathematician’s salary at $ 110,000. Those statistics land mathematician at the top of career advice and job listing website CareerCast’s 2014 list of the 10 best jobs in the U.S. (You can  read a complete list of 200 jobs rated here.)
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Why introverts make the best community managers

Many people assume that the best community and/or social media managers are extroverts. I believe the best community managers are actually introverts.

You see, extroverts can be your classic outgoing types that love to talk (especially about themselves). This me-me-me attitude doesn’t work so well when managing online social channels.

The best community managers tend to have these four traits in common, which I believe come more naturally to introverts:

They’re great listeners.

25 Colleges With The Best Return On Investment For 2014

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Experiments with Homemade Dishwashing Detergent: What Works Best?

A few weeks ago, I was greatly inspired by this HouseLogic article where several different homemade dishwasher soap recipes are compared. I have struggled in the past with finding a homemade dishwashing detergent recipe that worked well, so I had high hopes for these recipes.

Note: I took several pictures for this post, but most of them just depicted essentially identical clean plates or depicted rather disgusting dirty plates. The two points where photographs might have actually been relevant (noted below) were really hard to clearly identify with photography.

The first thing I did was try out the recipe that was most highly recommended from that post. Here’s that recipe:

The best and worst résumé buzzwords

There are a number of people who will disagree with this, but I still believe it makes sense for a job candidate to have a good résumé.

I know there are a lot of people who think the traditional résumé is dead, but it’s not gone yet, and there are still a lot of recruiters and hiring managers who prefer it to LinkedIn profiles, video clips, or whatever else people are trying to use these days.

I was thinking of this while reading the latest CareerBuilder survey about résumés, and as the research points out, hiring managers are still not spending a lot of time looking at résumés—which means that any applicant who wants his or her résumé to get their attention has got to grab them pretty quickly.

Best Prepaid Debit Cards of 2014

Finding the best prepaid debit card was once a task traditionally reserved for people who had trouble opening a bank account. Today, prepaid debit cards are becoming much more versatile. Many families and college students are regularly using them to manage their finances. If you have poor credit and can’t get a credit card, for example, getting a prepaid card is a good way to make purchases online.

With the rise of new fees on traditional checking accounts, the prepaid cards are closer to parity with more traditional accounts. Competition in the prepaid debit card space is increasing, driving down cost and driving up service. To help you keep up on the changes within this space, I’ve compiled a list of the top prepaid cards and will discuss each in detail.

Here are the 5 best prepaid cards of 2014: