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The Best Financial Services Institutions To Work For Right Now

Job search and company comparison site Glassdoor.com has compiled a list of the 10 Best Financial Institutions To Work For, based on employee reviews of U.S.-headquartered financial services companies over the past year.
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Spend Less? Earn More? Which Is the Best Path?

Pretty much everyone who writes anything about personal finance will agree that the best way to get ahead financially is to increase the difference between what you earn and what you spend.

There are, of course, two major ways to make that happen. You can either earn more or you can spend less. No matter which you choose, you’re increasing that gap.

Each angle has particular advantages and disadvantages.

For starters, spending less can have immediate impact on your finances. You can simply stop spending money right now and that money will stay in your checking account, directly building up your net worth. In terms of immediate results, there is no method of “earning more” that can top it.

Teamwork Video That Will Blow You Away! Team Unity at Its Best

Powerful Teamwork Video of Lion and Buffalo – Unity

I have told the story and fable of the bulls and the lion, and I have also shared it in a popular video titled “United We Stand: A Team United Can’t Fail.” But I always love it when I see it happen in life.

The following video demonstrates the important need for teams to unite. Not doing so can be deadly.

“When I lost my mind I found myself, it is the best thing I’ve lost so far.” – Andoni Garcia

“When I lost my mind I found myself, it is the best thing I’ve lost so far.” – Andoni Garcia
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Best Credit Cards of 2014

At The Simple Dollar, one of our goals is to provide you with the most comprehensive and useful credit card information available on the Internet. Our research started with over 1,600 different credit cards. We collected data on all the best credit cards, organized the cards by type, and then ranked each card based on the features that matter the most.

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The Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit

If your credit is less than perfect, you’ll have a more difficult time obtaining and using a credit card. The flip side is that responsible use of a credit card is a fantastic way to rebuild your credit score.

Even with bad credit, you have some great options to start rebuilding your financial future. The best credit cards for bad credit come in two different varieties: secured and unsecured (low credit cards).

If you can, I highly recommend getting an unsecured card, like the Credit One Bank® Gas Rewards Credit Card.

9 Best Apps for Overworked Small Business Owners

Small business owners are relying on their mobile devices more than ever when it comes to the countless projects that pop up every day. From setting appointments to filing taxes, these nine mobile apps are some of the best options for anyone that is beginning to feel overworked and overwhelmed.

1. Google Drive

Removing some of the stress from a business owner’s life is all about streamlining some of the most common time consuming tasks. Few apps can accomplish this as well as the newly-upgraded Google Drive app and online software that can put all the information an individual needs right at their fingertips. Google Drive allows the user to seamlessly write Word documents, share data with employees, forward information to Gmail accounts, and save all the information to the Google cloud server.